Soylent green=Meh

September 22, 2009

You know phrase that goes “you are your own critic” when it comes to movies,  well  Soylent Green is one of those film were you can’t listen to any  critic  but  yourself   and that’s what I did.  I heard of the film but never paid any attention to it.  I read the positive reviews about it  after seeing  half of the beginning in my Literature class but I kept it aside it  and boy Soylent Green is just MeH.  The plot was okay.  It takes place in the future.The film starts out telling you that the world is overpopulated and real food is very hard to find. The film’s setting focuses on New York City, Half the population is out of work and it’s overcrowded Which in reality it could really happen in the future…. Since  there is hardly any food,  a company  created and produced a type of food source called Soylen green. Detective Thorn played by Charleton Heston  investigates the murder of a wealthy retired industrialist and discovers   Soylent green was produced by dead people. A Plausible plot but it wasn’t the story that made me think it was Meh. It was mostly the over the top acting(then again this film, was made in the 1970’s) and how predictable some parts were. The relationship between Sol and Thorn, the moment she walked in I knew they were going to hook up. Then there is Thorn’s father that from miles away I knew was going to be a goner (actually i thought he was going to get killed but he killed himself, doesn’t matter since i knew he was going to die anyway). Now what really humored me was the acting.  Charleton Heston  was great but damn there were some actors that just made me laugh, There is a scene where the body guard  of Sol hits one of her friends and she scream like there was tomorrow. I understand the pain but she was all over the place and come to think about he didn’t even touch her. It was suppose to look like he  slap her  but he was like 5 inches way from her LOL. Overall, I got to admit although I’m probably never going to watch the film again, it was a decent film with a good twist in the end. Who knew people were eating dead humans all along. Hopefully the remake that is coming out is better.


Hello world!

September 21, 2009

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